Counting Daisy Petals

Like first love, my first novel release has been full of angst, anxiety and all the other ‘a’ words that indicate uncertainty. When I was a kid, the old he-loves-me he-loves-me not as I ripped apart a simple daisy did the trick. Was it repeating a mantra or the act of violence that soothed me?

I don’t know. I did find some great advice on Writer Unboxed’s Facebook page. Love the act of writing, which is a passion, and recognize that as separate from the act of publishing, which is a business. Here’s the link, but you may need to scroll down:

So daisies be damned, I’m back to writing!

About toniimariekelly

I migrate between Miami, FL and Gort, County Galway Ireland. Currently, I am lucky enough to edit the Guaire Magazine.
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